Saturday, October 27, 2007

A day with Kendell

Marissa spend part of the day with my friend Kelli's neice. Marissa and kendell competed over feeding the dogs a snack. Then we went to the park at boys ranch.

She was so funny she would hold out the food for poopy dog and when he took the food she'd look scared but then would do it again the same as before. He was really funny but i guess you would have had to be there.

Lots of fun on the swings.

Mattress Time

Peter and I got a new mattress...a king size and marissa thought it was so much fun. Here are some pic of her adventure. Is it confortable well i will have to see....
You can definitley stand on it.
AAHH this is the life!
Actually it really is a great mattress....but she does sleep in her own bed!

Long Time

Sorry I have been busy with alot of things and nothing at the same time. Here is some random pictures from this month (Oct)

Marissa drinking daddy's famous fruit shakes!

She never really paid attention to the fireplace before but this month she has been climbing up and looking at herself, standing up and of course the always funny banging your head thing.

Ok we had a grarge sale and she was very antsy so peter took her for a stroll except she decided she liked pushing the stoller herself!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A day at the park

We took marissa to the park for the first...I know we are a little behind...however so is this blog we did this a while back. anyway here are some photos of her outting.