Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short and Sweet!

Hello all who look at this blog. This just a little post...getting ready for family coming to my house so lots to do.
I never did get 2 year pics so..i have let it go and now will focus on Christmas pictures. I did get a good pic of her on of course a Sunday when she dressed really nice.
She is a bundle of joy and a handful all at once.

Dancing ..she loves running in circles....I get dizzy watching her.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well i am so behind in blogging. Not too much going on...we have had some sickness and family trouble( my nephew). Finally its getting close to thanksgiving...Family is coming to my house so lots of cleaning and getting ready for company. All my family lives here in the metroplex so that's a blessing. Marissa is testing us everyday, every hour, every minute. Here is some random pictures i took the last 2 weeks. She has been playing in the hallway...this is what i found one day. Too cute.

So proud !!!

she decided she needed to wear my tennis shoes.

Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why I haven't posted

Well Marissa has had a virus..it was short but it has cause other things to get neglected and so therefor haven't been able to blog. I have some new video but i haven't put it on my computer yet maybe by Tuesday i will.

On a political note I was sad that Mcain lost but i know that God is in control and I pray that good can come from Obama.

Thanks for stopping by..sorry this short i will write more next week...hopefully something exciting can happen to write about.

I will leave you with a cute pic of marissa that i haven't posted.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello everyone. Well where do I begin. Marissa orginally was going to be a princess...but the dress was itchy and she refused after one time. So my sister had given me a pooh outfit and we tried that one on and she wanted to take it off . This was all on Sunday night the night of the fall festival at church. we went back and fourth and we decided to skip the event. I knew that Thursday would be more difficult because she would need to dress up for school. Thursday morning I dressed her and took pictures. She wanted the hat and red jacket off..i did manage to keep her in the main part of the costume till school. When we got to school we put the rest on and walked in. She did really well...the teachers said she was funny trying to buckle her chair with the big tummy. So at least school was a success. We didn't go trick or treating on friday cause marissa bedtime was approaching. Here is the pictures i took....only one or 2 came out..she kept moving then trying to remove part of the costume.
Her hair is wet i had to spray water to comb it..its not dirty..just in case you wondered. :)