Friday, June 19, 2009

Road Trip

Well A few weeks ago we decided just to get into the car and drive. We went to an amusement park and honestly I don’t know where it was except for in between 161 and 35. Anyway Missy had a blast at this park. Then we had a picnic right there at the park. We then got back into the car and went to the Grapevine Lake….not much there but just looked at the water and enjoy God’s creation.
We then decided to go look at the planes…but didn’t know they had moved the location so we ended up going home to rest. Then we got back out and took Missy to McDonald's. What a day. I hope we do it again because it was the best day.

Arcade room



A twisted tree that landed here from somewhere else can't remember where and landed here in the amusement park. So they say.

Animals we saw on our train trip around the whole park.

Stage Coach we passed as well.

Pony Ride was a huge hit..she loved it.

She is about to go to sleep.....

And she is out!

I would say "look its the lake" but i think she was yawning since she woke up when we arrived a the lake.

Going to go stand in the water.

Well no picks of the rest of the trip but its was great!

Last day of school

Ok well I forgot I had pics of Missy on her last day of school. She wore her bathing suit for the first time. She also wore a pretty dress.

I can't believe school is over and she can't wait till school starts again.