Sunday, May 18, 2008

New kids on the block concert

As some of you have heard New kids on the block is coming to town.
I am planning on going but need someone who would want to sit with me.
Some are getting their own tickets but i didn't want to buy 1 ticket and sit by myself.
Tickets go on sale June 9th
Concert is Oct 19th.
Let me know Thanks!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Zoo Time!!!

Well Peter and Marissa and I adventured off to the zoo on Sat. This was the first time taking her and the second time in many years (1995) since peter and I went together(when we first met). We were all prepared.(diapers, wipes, food, water etc) however nether one us remembered where the zoo was. Mapsco you say well it wasn't in the car. I had to call my mom to help. Yeah parents of the year. Marissa was patient for a little while but got upset and then fell asleep. Well we made it there finally and it wasn't really crowded yet. I took pictures some came out good others well its only because it was of me that i feel wasn't great. The cottonwood was horrible out there and Peter and I were miserable the whole time. Marissa felt fine just got tired. Overall a great day, but we learned that we should both take more allergy medicine before going again.

This was our first stop!

Her first reaction Yeah she wasn't as excited as we thought she would be not just here but overall.

Now here is her fav and i think it was the most reaction we got all day. Its the "af" as missy calls it.

See the excitement...ok well can't do justice with would have been better.

Papa lion! after i took the picture the mama can over and they started to lick each other very cute but no pic of it.

Pretty Zebra

My favorite 2 people in the world!! ok well i have a "like can we leave now" look on my face and she looks tired. I took the pacie out right before peter took the picture.
Ok so like 2 minutes of leaving this was her in the car. She is holding her "af" that i bought her on the way out. She has 2 pacies because one was lost in the car and she found it when we got there. So attached to pacies or "bicies" as she puts it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cleaning revised

Ok so i mentioned in the last blog about cleaning well today has been great for cleaning. Marissa has played awesome today and took a great nap as well. Now my only problem is getting her to sleep longer in the morning although today she slept till 620am which is later then she has for the last 2 weeks. Time shall tell if maybe this will now be a habit for her. The Ladies Retreat was great. The speaker was really good..i enjoyed and took away alot from our small group at the retreat. I got to know Joanna more riding there and back which was great. I will have pics of Marissa next post, I promise.