Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cell Phone pictures

I thought i haven't posted some cell phone pics in a while.

Park time above.

She finally got the dress on that she was suppose to wear on halloween...but it was only for a few minutes now she says itching when seeing the dress.

My new hair cut!!
Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Cute Hair, family, new friend

I have not been blogging because well nothing to blog really...Here is pictures from the last few weeks. I am loving putting Marissa's hair up.

Didn't get a good picture of family but some of them. We went to visit G-Pa. My aunt and uncle were in town and my sister and her family joined us as well.

A great Picture with Cousin Melissa

I was trying to get a smile pic of us but apparently It was just me.

Just thought that was a great picture.

They drew this on her face right before school ended.

She loves to climb on me.

Her new friend. Our neighbor Katie.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pony, Dress and Hair up

OK I have been bad..I have new pictures..but they are random. Nothing big going on except today which I will have to post about later. she was showing off her Pony..she thought the pony needed a handband as well.

OK the next pictures..are of her dress that i bought for school pictures.

I am alway saying this it seems but I am amazed everytime that I am able to put marissa's hair up in a half pony tail So here is pics of a time that I put her hair up.

Have a great Week!!!