Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow 4 months really?

I knew i was behind but didn't think I was this much. I have so many pictures and stories and can't remember them because time has passed. I will however post some pictures and try to include story's as i look back at pics. Marissa is almost 4 one month from now. She is changing and she has brought a change in me and I am loving her and my life more each day. First picture here is of Marissa and one of her best friends Hannah. We went to Hannah's aunts house out in the country fun trip only got a few pics this one was the best. We went with friends from church to the botanical gardens and had alot fun. Marissa loves fish and we have some at home so loved looking at the ones in the lobby.

Her shy I don't want to look at the camera pose.

Ok well here are all the girls from the youngest to the oldest. I hope they are around each other when they are older it will be really neat to see.

Emily and Missy

ok so we had a princess tea party at the church and she was able to dress up..the best day ever!

At the church building parking lot

Inside they had three rooms and it started in the craft room. She had so much fun!

Well now we are at this month just this last Sunday night. Marissa had a sleepover. We sorta did one before but Nancy stayed as well last time because we were having a garage sale the following day. Pretty exciting the girls helped pump air into the mattress and then had a jumping fest on it.

Now all fixed up to go to sleep not of course until late but they had a good time.

We went to toysrus and Marissa fell in love with this toy and didn't want to look at anything else. So we found one on craigslist and it was in great shape. It was a early Birthday gift. Marissa and Hannah are having a combined party at lets jump and it should be lots of fun hopefully have pictures to show. Then Marissa will be a flower girl in Peter's niece's wedding. Which she is ecstatic about. Lots of thing in Aug... and probably some fun water park pics this month.