Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little bit of everything.

Well I have been bad at taking pictures lately. We have been sick for what seems like forever and now finally me and Marissa are better but peter isn't I have one good picture of Marissa with her coat and hat and her favorite doll Molly.
I celebrated a birthday this month. The big 30!! which most of you have already have experienced just recently. I have been waiting all year long for this birthday because i wanted to spend the night in a hotel and spend the day with peter by ourselves. We had a great time we just went to Plano but drove all over the area. Went bowling and to Ikea and ate of course. I had never been to Ikea. That store was so annoying making you walk through the whole store...anyway i wasn't too impressed except that I actually found FINALLY table and chairs for Marissa. (No picture at the moment) I have been looking forever. The table is red and chairs green and blue. So all in all a great weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Years Party

Well Peter i went over to My friend Missy's for a New Years Eve Party. Lots of fun...different from the old days. New years 1999/2000 was the best.

This is Missy,Jerry,Brian, His friend Taylor and my Hubby.
Ok little story here. Brian always bangs his pots and pans at the strike of midnight. So here is doing his thang.(this is the best picture i could get although you can't see the pots.) :)

This most of our group The Pier Group. Its missing Donnice. Hope you all have a great