Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not much going on

We have been spending alot of time hanging at home. Sleeping, eating and of course playing. Here are a few pictures of Marissa when she was funny, cute or all the above. I have one picture starting with April thru Aug that i just got to share.

Marissa 's Drink!

Her teething look she got alot then didn't do it for a while and now just this week is doing it again. i think its a funny look.This face reminds me of Peter!
Peter was trying to get a good picture of her Lips. Children are so precious when sleeping.

Marissa's Favorite Toy. She got this train on her birthday. She knows where all buttons are and what plays music. Dances alot with the sounds and music.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trip to see Grant Aunt Dottie's Birthday!

Our Trip....

My Mom, Grandmother, Marissa and I went to see my grandmother's sister for her birthday. She was turning 90. Lots of family that i don't know real well but see every now and again. I believe the last time we saw everyone was at another one of my granny's sisters funeral unfortunately. This was a special trip for my granny. She is 93 and in not so good health with Alzheimer's. She still recognizes most everyone but you can tell that she forgets conversations. So to be able to see her 2 sisters which she had 5 sisters to begin with, this was hopefully not the last time to see them. Marissa walked all over this very huge house. We went to Pecan Plantation in Granbury which is where my mom's nephew Larry lives. Lots of fun and a dog which you will see in pics below. Marissa loved this dog and a ball Larry's wife gave her. Anyway thought i would share these photo's.

This is house we went to. Gorgeous!

Here is Marissa, Honey (the dog) and Aunt Dottie's son Larry. Starting from the Left and youngest to oldest is Grant Aunt Salena 89, Aunt Dottie 90 and my grandmother Earleen 93.

Well this Aunt Dottie, My Grandmother, Mom, Marissa and I.

This Everyone that came. We had a great time. We were very tired by the time we got home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marissa's 1 yr Birthday party!

Well Marissa's Birthday arrived and went. We had a great party with my family and some of Peter's family. It was crowded in our house and we were exhausted went it was over. Peter's sister offered taking Marissa for the night after the party so that we could get a good nights rest. That was so needed cause i spend the last 2 nights with Marissa on the couch because of her nose.

Here are some pictures from the party...I am sure that Karina (Peter's sister) had alot more pictures then we did cause we were trying to host.

This the first cake we gave her on her actual birthday. A trial run you would say.

Now this one was at the party. Just one of many photos of her enjoying her cake. Which was everywhere by the time she finished!!

Well eating your presents is the best part at least the books!!!

Well this isn't the greatest picture of some of us but its the only one I have at the moment. There is another one with everyone in it...I will have to get that from Karina.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Time

Well this is all very new to me. We are getting ready for Marissa's first birthday. I can't believe she is already a year.
Here is Marissa trying not to fall. She is actually now walking a little bit. But this was a cute picture from before.