Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch-up post

I know its been a really long time since I last blogged. With my grandmother passing it has thrown us all off. I have taken a few pictures but not much really going on. Marissa is talking alot more. She can count to 10 with your help of course. Some of the alphabet and colors. Shapes we are still working on. As you may remember she is now in a toddler bed. Well night is much better but naps are the worse. She ends up taking a nap (a good nap) on the floor in living room or in the car. She is still waking up too early again.
Here are some pictures.

I guess a nap on Daddy too! Not too often though.

I thought she looked so cute, it was Sunday morning and she actually posed for me. Her first pose for the camera.

We did go over to my sister's house for her birthday...This alligator is going to camp this week but Marissa decided to be the first to ride and wrestle it see pic below.

Well that's it for now..hopefully i can get back to writing more often.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Well i feel bad cause i didn't mention Fathers day. Our weekend was not your usual father's day weekend. This was when Marissa was in the NICU. They are so cute together and Marissa talks and asks about daddy all the time. She runs to him when he gets home and won't let go in the morning.

Daddy we love you!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Long Week!

Well I haven't blogged in a while. This last week has been a long and sad week.
As most of you know my grnadmother passed away on Wed. She was 93 and she lived a good christian life. She had Alzheimers and was getting worse. She fell and went to the hospital, they looked her over and thought she had a stroke but it was a UTI they treated her...but her kidney's started to shut down and she stopped breathing with her husband by her side. They we married and just celebrated 63 yearsa few pryor. What a blessing she was to a lot of people. Her voice was something i will never forget. I believe i get my singing gene from her. Her funeral was on Sat. The singing was the hardest to do as well as seeing my grandfather go through it. I have lost a good friend she was only 32. Earleen lived and she was getting worse so i know she is in a better place. I worry for my mom and her brother and especially my grandfather Judd..he is really lost without her. Plus he will have to move to a smaller place and we will be going through all of her things which will be very difficult. Please pray for my family as we cope and comfort each other.
Have a blessed week.
Go hug your family and tell them you love them and thank GOD for thim never know when it will be their last.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Well we did get marissa a jeep car..found it at the resale shop. she loves it, however has a hard time remembering to switch to backward and use the steering wheel. She wants to sit back and the car steer itself.
I finally was able to put marissa hair up in a pony tail.

Now her bed..this was right after we converted it into a day bed. Her legs hurt everytime she tried to get off the bed. So we fixed that. The second picture here is of the finished bed.

I am going to buy a cute bed set but just haven't had the money...I did get girly colored sheets but haven't gotten the pillowcase.

That's pretty much it in a nut shell. Have a great week!!

Marissa's Weekend

Sorry for not blogging...Not much was going on but that all changed on Friday. Marissa climbed out of her crib during nap time. I didn't even hear her get out. She had gotten all the wipes out of the refill package and was playing with them. A huge mess, it took me 15 minutes to salvage wipes. I had her show me how she got out Seemed pretty simple to me. So this weekend has been fixing her room. Made the bed into a day bed...fixed our own rail type thing on the side with some bumper for no "owies" Friday night she slept in the living room because her room wasn't ready and she of course woke up the in the middle of the night. I think I got 3 hours of sleep total. Sat during the day she keeped falling asleep on the floor here is a pic of one of the times.
Then Sat night peter slept in the room with her because some of her room was done some wasn't. He got off and on sleep. she would sleep with him on the floor and then in the bed. Up and down. Not sure how much sleep he got but since he ended up sleeping while i went to was likley he didn't get much.
Last night the room was still lacking two locks on 2 drawers but that was it. So i got her to go to sleep took 30 min. Then left the room went to bed. she got out once and i took her back to bed. Stayed there until she was asleep and left. She woke up this morning at 530am. So we aren't quite there but it was better last night.
Today....she has a been a nap time i knew would be hard...she wasn't going to sleep at all so i gave in and rocked her. I needed some quite time and it was the only way it was happening.
so your wondering any pictures. I do but there aren't on the computer . i will add them soon.
Long weekend.
Ranger game tonight hopefully my husband can get off of work in time.