Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blocks and more.

Peter and Marissa have been playing with blocks lately and I was able to get pictures of what they created. also she has been asking for me to take her picture so here are some of the pictures along with the block pics.

She got on his feet and said "mommy take a picture"

A cat and a snake

The star family Mega block style. Well minus the dog.

she kept moving so this was the best one taken with her in the pic.

Building a tower.

A building.

A really tall tower!!

She isn't potty trained yet..she just wants to sit on the potty like she is going....sometimes to avoid a bath.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, I have nothing to write about. Marissa and I have been spending alot of time with our neighbors lately. They have 5 kids and Marissa and the 2 girls get along great. Plus i have found a great friend to hang out with or have some girl talk with. I took a couple of pictures of Missy but not very many...the camera is never in the place i need it at the time.

(Her shirt is not for the new kids but a shirt from college..i know i had to ask.)

We did go over to my grandfathers place to visit. My niece and nephew were in town from college and I only took a few pics and i can't seem to find any of them except this one above.

Peter was getting up and Missy came over and got real comfortable in Peter's lap it was too cute so i grabbed the camera real quick.

I will be 31 in one hour. Nothing big planned this weekend but hopefully in the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing much

Well New years has come and gone and it was hard to get back into routine on Monday. We had been sick half of the 2 weeks peter was off. When Missy is sick we let her have her paci. Monday came and it was hard to keep the paci from her...We did ok that day, Tuesday she was at school so it was fine...then yesterday happened....i have never in my life seen a child hyper-ventilate over a paci. I never gave her the paci but she did find it and at that point I was too tired to fight again. Today of course is school so she should be fine and she is playing at the neighbors after school which should keep her from thinking about it. Here is some pictures.

She wanted her picture made..but her nose was really running. Up close a little gross.

Her funny face..per her request...she is a hoot.

I am getting closer to my birthday..I can't believe its almost here. I am very blessed. Hope you all have a great Day!!