Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well I hope that your Christmas was wonderful! We had a interesting weekend leading up to Christmas. Marissa had a high fever on Friday. The doctor of course was already gone so we gave her medicine and the fever dropped but she still wasn't acting like herself. We went to Peter's sister on Christmas Eve had a good time but Marissa was a little fussy. Christmas morning she woke up with maded eyes. (not sure how to spell that) So we got her fixed up and she saw what Santa brought. I will tell you the pictures of her that morning you can tell she isn't feeling to good by her eyes. She still seemed to have fun though. Then after Christmas I took her to the doctor and she had a really bad ear Infection and a sore throat. Well no wonder she was not herself. poor baby. I feel like a horrible mother. She showed no huge signs and then it was over a weekend which seems to always happen. Here are photos starting with Christmas eve and Karina's to Christmas day.

Karina and Marissa

Showing off our hats.

Look what Santa brought me. A new car and new cabbage patch dolls. (actually my old ones )

Loving her new dolls.

Looking at my cool new purse.

Look at all the toys I got. Along with some clothes of course.

Happy Holidays!!!


Krystal, Ben, Hannah, and Kaitlyn said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's hard at that age when they can't say "hey Mom, my throat hurts."

Hope she's feeling better!!!

Krystal, Ben, Hannah, and Kaitlyn said...

hey michelle,

we got the table and chairs at babiesus in their toddler bedding section. I wouldn't recommend it though, the chairs are very top heavy and fall over easily.

the kitchen we ordered online at walmart. She loves it, and no batteries to change, just good ol fashioned make-believe, (which is what I wanted!)

Yes Tuesday will be fun. She's down to two naps a day though, so she'll take a nice long one for you while she's there.