Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow Time!!

Ok so I thought i would probably beat everyone in posting snow pictures...but it looks like amie was first. It was so cool to see that much snow. Peter came home early and we went out to the backyard and played in the snow. Peter made a snowman. He is used to that kind of weather growing up in Poland and Chicago but me not so much. It was cold!

It was so cold that Marissa needed a break and we came inside to watch Daddy make the snowman.

The finished snowman...a little dirty on the bottom but over all it looked great. Have a great weekend!!!


Mandy said...

Very cute! Ella loved the snow too!

I was looking at your blog the other day and Ella saw the pics of Marissa and started saying her name in the best way she could. I said, "Is that your friend Marissa?" and Ella responded by nodding yes. It was really cute!

ltolleson said...

Nice snowman there, being from the south all our snowmen were a little dirty. Mostly because we only had an inch or two of snow to work with.

Melissa, thanks for the link and the comments. And yes, it is definitely the camera. :)