Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nothing and sickness

Well I am behind on blogging. Nothing was going on until Monday night. Marissa had a bad cough and a high fever. She went to the doctor on Tuesday and we found out it was croup. So she got a shot of steroid and we were on way home. Its has to pass on its own. Motrin for her fever but no medicine for her cough. Lets just say my sleeping at night well I am not sleeping cause croup is the worst at night. Last night was better...we had a humidifier in our room and she slept with us..first time. She did sleep most of the night. Probably won't be gone till sometime this weekend. I hope every else out there is feeling much better then Marissa. Have a great day!

oh i had pictures taken for is some of the ones i love.

She so needs a haircut can't tell here but you should see her hair now.

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Aric and Amber said...

those are sweet pics!