Friday, October 10, 2008

Long day!

Ok well I don't have pics but today has been a really long day. Let me back up and explain how we got to today. Marissa broke out on her legs and arms and a little on the stomach...also she has a rough area on her foot. We saw a doctor for her foot problem (the rash was not looked at byt he doctor cause we forgot..I know Mother of the Year!) she gave us medicine and we went on our way..then actually during the doctors visit had the rash that continued to get that by the weekend i took her to CareNow.They told me it was a food allergy and to give her Benyadril so we left. Gave her medicine for 5 days and the rash didn't go away and her foot still was bad......So i called to get a appointment with her actual doctor and she was booked but a cancellation happened and we got in at 1130. So we are heading off towards the doctor but decide to stop and see my mom who was helping a friend at an estate sale. Everything was fine until Marissa decided get on a day bed they were selling. Unknown to any of us they were Exacto knife blades on the bed. She cut her arm and her right hand. So messy....finally got a band aid on her and we headed for the doctor. we got there really early and they couldn't find our appointment but felt so bad they worked us in. It was a good thing because she needed stitches in her arm. WHAT FUN! NOT!! Luckily we were able to stay there and get it all done. On the rash issue they checked for strep which was negative so they gave me a lotion to put on her body and we shall see about that. She gets her stitches out 14 days from today. That Poor little girl.....lots of screaming and crying and blood...she was exhausted she slept for 3 hours after we got home. We were really lucky that we were already headed for the doctor today. All is well for now but man today was lots of drama. Thanks for listening and pray for her cause it was her right hand she can't eat with a fork and well coloring is really difficult. She is really refusing to use the right hand at all.
Hope you all enjoy your Weekend!!!
Also Happy Birthday MOM!!!


Tracy said...

Poor thing!

Hopefully the lotion will clear up the rash...but did the Dr say what acutally caused the rash??? So the rash can be avoided in the future?

What a rough day for everyone. At least it's over now!

Amanda said...

Autumn actually had her baby on Wednesay. He was 8 12...and is super cute :) I so enjoyed looking at your blog!!