Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts!

I am way behind for Easter but here are some picks. We were lucky enough to get invited to 3 egg hunts. The first was at our congregation a week before Easter. Then Invited to one with friends and the third my neighbor invited me with her family at there church egg hunt. Lots of fun, lots of eggs, lots of candy and toys. here are the pictures.

Waiting for easter egg hunt to begin. The stillest I have ever seen her.

Church friends, Emily and Abby.

On to the second egg hunt..

She collected 34 eggs. Lots of toys in those eggs.

Ok the last one was at my neighbors church..we forgot her easter basket so we had to use a bag.

The sun was in her eyes.

This is my neighbors children.
Well thats the egg hunts. I am posting her easter dress she wore on Sunday next!!

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