Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First day of school

Missy started back to school on Thursday Sept 10th. She has had some trouble lately with clothes. She doesn't want to wear things i suggest so we fight alot about what to wear even shoes. Anyway on the first day of school she actually did better then i excepted. We have gotten rid of slip on shoes so her only choice is sandals or socks and shoes. That was our first step second was make sure at all times she is in pants and shirts so that she will be used to then. ( sometimes she would only have shirt and underwear on especially if we were not going somewhere). I had some cute things to put on her but i choose the thing i knew she wouldn't throw a fit over. We have picture day on Thursday we will see how that will go. Here are the pics from the first day.

She would not put on her backpack so I said hold your Nap mat!!! Such a goof ball.
I will show you her outfit for picture day on thursday. Thanks for stopping by.

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Jenn said...

Who is her teacher this year? She looks adorable!