Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Baby is 2!!!

It finally came.....Marissa is now 2. We had a family party for her at our house. This year we gave her a play kitchen and left the rest up to family. She loves the kitchen. She got lots of puzzles and a couple of books and some money. Everything went ok until we sang Happy Birthday then she started crying. Ok well i should back up cause we started her party at 1130 well her nap time is 1230 ish and so we did cake during nap time. She was so tired. Peter's sister and husband were running late but they were able to get a few pics with her and give her a card before she was out. She slept while the party continued not much longer though. When everyone left i went and took a nap..I was so tired. she had a great nap and then woke up in a great mood..we had a nice evening. Here is a picture of her as a newborn then at one year and now at 2.

Ok here is pictures from the party didn't get as many as i would have group shot this time, but here is what i was able to capture.

Here is the present we got her. We already had a bucket full of play food so this was a perfect place to use the play food.

Aunt Karen and family gave her a basket full of more food.

The birthday cake...its was good and from walmart.....I know i should have baked one but too long of a story to tell you why i didn't.

The crying episode while singing Happy Birthday to Marissa...she was just so tired.

OK now we have recovered and enjoying cake...much less messy then last year.

Thanks to cousin Melissa who helped alot with her...she was fussy and didn't really remember people who came but loved Melissa.

Have a great week!!

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Tracy said...

It looks like she had a great party! They grow so fast don't they?! I wish they would slow down!