Monday, August 18, 2008

Mall and Church

Well this weekend was full of fun things all of them which I took no pictures of.

We went to grapevine mills mall and met up with my friend Kelli and her niece Kendell (along with her mom and husband) and ate lunch. Marissa rode on the carousel for the first time...she did great...but not without a fit before. I love tantrums in public....cause you want to discipline but are nervous when alot of people are watching you.

Then Sunday our church was having one service in our new worship center. We had a huge turn out. 7 Baptism's. Peter ended up staying in the nursery because help was needed. I think there was 14 children in there at one point which is way too many...anyway we ended up leaving before it was over..cause Marissa was so tired and hungry plus we were meeting my parents and nephew for lunch. Sunday was Peter's Birthday. So we ate lunch then on the way home Marissa fell asleep....while she took a nap my parents and I went back up to the church for singing and scripture reading. Singing was awesome in the new building. Overall a great but at times stressful weekend...Women of faith is this weekend can't for some girl time with one of by Bff's Melissa.

Here is one picture I did get..before church. (seems like the best ones are then)

Have a great week!!!

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