Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of school!!

Well it was time for Preschool....Marissa had a great day. She ate really well and they said she was talkative and apparently a good sleeper. When i picked her up she was still asleep. She did not even cry when i left she was like bye bye mommy. I think she likes it so much because she has lots of other kids to play with and at home she just has me. She was excited to see me when i picked her up, last year she cried because she didn't want to leave...i am sure that will come later.
On another note she has been potty training so no more diapers...and she has gone a few times number 1 only but the teachers at school are all about helping potty train as well. Which will really help her get used to it more and more. I have one more picture. She went over to her aunts house which she LOVES!! (the cat and her aunt) and this picture I took in the car before we left for her house...I just thought it was a great picture i wanted to share.


Christy said...

Can't believe how big she is getting. Enjoy your time off.

Mandy said...

Cute! Too bad she and Ella aren't in the same class.

Krystal Cummins said...

She looks like such a little lady in her seat, what a cutie!