Thursday, August 28, 2008

Winter hat and bag lady

Ok So Marissa has this doll stroller..which she sometimes takes her dolls for a walk. However most of the time she puts everything but dolls in it and hangs an Easter basket and her purse and she got a hold of her lunch bag and she carrying all the play food and my little pony's and books etc around the house peter said she starting to look like a bag lady. As if that weren't funny enough she is wearing that winter hat again. Here is some pics.

This is Ginger

This is Bear!

OK i have a video But I can't download it because the size of it is to big....its just Marissa playing She asks ginger (a doll) are you ok and you cold....then she walks away and she came back and didn't have ginger or bear (care bear) and I asked where they went and she said to bed. Too funny!! I really wish you could have seen the video. Maybe next time.

Have a great Weekend!!


Krystal Cummins said...

How cute! I just love kids imaginations, they come up with the craziest things to do and say.

Rebecca said...

Love hat, and LOVE the Carebear. I had two of the sleepy bears. don't remember what he was called, but he had the cloud or star or something.