Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve,Morning and Day (long post)

For Christmas eve we always go to Peter's sisters. They have a huge spread and lots of laughter. This year I took my camera but forgot the sim card and was only able to take a few pics..

Missy and Cousin Evett...she got a little doll she can dress and undress...so much fun!!!

Peter's sister goes all out for this dinner.

Ok we look horrible here...but it was the only one I could get.

Christmas Morning

We had a few things for Missy plus Santa brought some as well. She had lots of fun opening presents.

Showing off her keys and sunglasses.

Pony Castle play set

Wearing a sweat shirt I bought.

Off to my Sisters house.

On to Christmas Day!! We have in the past had family at our house. This year my sister hosted the get together. We decided to just have finger foods this time...Less mess and less work.Missy got some great things and it was great spending time my family. My grandfather was able to leave rehab to come....he was having trouble going through Christmas without grandma. We miss her so much!! I will post a pic from last year of her at the end.

Cousin Melissa helped Marissa open her gifts.

Almost all of the family some are behind the camera.

Opening gifts.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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